/Crocheted Santa Slippers FREE Patterns
Crocheted Santa Slippers FREE Patterns

Crocheted Santa Slippers FREE Patterns

In the days when Christmas is approaching, everyone is busy buying new clothes to prepare for this joyous big day. Of course, our feet cannot be ignored. These handmade Crocheted Santa Slippers are so beautiful, they not only keep warm, but also add Christmas atmosphere, they are also the perfect gift for family and friends. Today we are going to share five tutorials that are free, high quality Crocheted Santa Slippers, Each one is worth owning. The first is the Santa Slippers designed by Yarnspirations. It is mainly white Slippers. Its overall color is white. On the instep part of the shoes, a pattern of Santa Claus’s head is made. These crochet Santa slippers are a nod to the jolly man in red. Its production is not complicated, you can make them very quickly and happily according to the tutorial. The second one is Santa Slippers designed by Garnstudio. It is very cute with eyes, nose and pompoms. It reproduces the elements of Santa Claus’s face on Santa Slippers, which is very interesting. The third is Santa Slippers designed by Maria Bittner. It is relatively simple but very beautiful, and it is also very simple to make. These cozy, warm slippers are perfect for men and women. They are styled with Santa in mind, but of course they would look great in any color combination. Finally, there are Santa Slippers designed by KooAlli’s Designs and Dove Crafts UK. They use Santa’s clothing belt as an element, which is very traditional and warm. Wearing them is not only very warm but also will add a lot of Christmas atmosphere and get more joy. There are not only children’s sizes, but also adult sizes, which are sure to be what you need. Big thanks to the all designers for sharing the free crochet patterns, they are really adorable. Let’s follow the tutorial and learn together. To get these FREE patterns, please scroll down the page and click the links below the picture. Happy crochet!

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Links to these FREE Crocheted Santa Slippers patterns are here:

Santa Slippers FREE Pattern 1

Santa Slippers FREE Pattern 2

Santa Slippers FREE Pattern 3

Santa Slippers FREE Pattern 4

Santa Slippers FREE Pattern 5