/Crocheted Christmas Wreath Free Patterns

Crocheted Christmas Wreath Free Patterns

The wonderful Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas is getting closer. While looking forward to this day of family reunion, we decorate our home with Christmas elements, in order to make the atmosphere of this festival stronger and full of love. Today we are going to share four high-quality and free Crocheted Christmas Wreath tutorials, hope they can add more fun to your Christmas. First of all, the Christmas Wreath designed by Repeatcrafterme is made with Santa Claus as the main element. The center of the whole Christmas Wreath is a Santa Claus. It is a very joyous crochet production. It is very festive to hang it on the door or on the wall. The second one is a beautiful Christmas Wreath designed by Catherine Bligh. It is based on the wreath, adding some Christmas elements, including holly leaves, berries, Christmas roses and stars. Its main color is purple, A little bird element is added to the purple wreath, which is very harmonious and lovely. Another third design from Repeatcrafterme is a snowman made with white yarn on a teal wreath and some snowballs as a base. The snowman is very cute and looks very interesting overall. The fourth design from Pattern-paradise is a beautifully colored Christmas Wreath made in the traditional colors of Christmas. The overall wreath is made of green, white, and red twists. At one end of the wreath, beautiful flowers are added, which looks very generous and attractive. I believe that there is always one of these special Christmas Wreath designs that you like. Thanks to Repeatcrafterme, Catherine Bligh and Pattern-paradise for sharing the free crochet patterns, they are so beautiful, you only need to follow the tutorial to get your own satisfactory works. To get these patterns, please scroll down the page and click the links below the picture. Happy crocheting!

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